• when you fart and poo comes out a bit only to be re-inserted by the [sphincter]

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  • The act of sucking/pulling up your butthole

  • Spackling

  • when ones pussy or anus is filled with come, and you queef or fart, spraying it out all over your partners body

  • Spackling

  • V. to [spackle], to poo just a bit and let it rub ur undergarment (leaving a stain; skid mark) before letting it retreat back into the lower colon.


    to bend over a sleeping partner and spread you but cheeks and let the poo poke out and rub (leaving a brown mark) on thier nose before leting it retreat into the lower colon.

  • Spackling

  • if u fart when u have a sweaty ass-crack your ring makes a spackling sound


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