• Amazing people who celebrate the life of Michael Jackson everyday of their lives. They can spend hours listening to his music and watching short films (videos) of him and never get tired or bored of it. Only people to help him spread his message of love, happiness, peace, and change all around the world even after his death. Moonwalkers are know every word to all of Michaels songs and doesnt not like any of them. They speak Jacksonese frequently; ). A Moonwalkers heart is full of love. They do not believe tabloids and they know that everything bad written about Michael is not true. Moonwalkers know every little thing about MJ. They would fight their hardest to defend Michael from anything. Moonwalkers are the people who, through everything, remember that its all for love, L.O.V.E.

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  • Moonwalker

  • -noun

    1. An individual who INTENTIONALLY walks in a style that is intended to attract attention

    2. Contrarily, someone who attracts attention REGARDLESS of how they walk; they just seem to turn heads. Can be for good or bad reasons depending on the context.

    related forms:

    moonwalking, adjective

    moonwalk, verb


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