• From [Dutch] and German - [Infinitive] = Smelten (= To smelt).

    The word is used in both [Dutch] and German, they are not the same language.


    1). To [s]melt ore in order to get metal from it, or produce metal in this way. The separation of the metal usually requires a chemical change.

    2). To undergo fusing or melting in the process of smelting.

    3). Fish of northern waters: a small silvery sea or freshwater fish.

    4). Smelt as food: the oily flesh of a smelt as food.

    5). Past tense of to smell.

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  • Smelt

  • Smelting is the act of running the penis up and down the front of the vagina against the clit. It should resemble a hotdog in the buns. It can be done before or after ejaculation. Usually done in the missionary position with the vagina, but can be executed in the buttchecks while doggying.

  • Smelt

  • the act of smelling something

  • Smelt

  • To write ones initials on there partners chest with semen.

  • Smelt

  • Pieces of loose skin on your ballsack that fall off.


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