• The legendary, immortal nemesis of the [Highlander], in the film of the same name.
    Since 1536, he has waited till the time of the [gathering] to confront the [highlander], once and for all to take the prize for his own evil and unscrupulous goals that would send mankind into an eternity of darkness.
    However, in 1986 the Highlander fought and defeated the Kurgan in the [Silver Cup Studios] claiming the prize for himself and hence saving mankind.

    Since 1986 the word has taken on many meanings since and has developed into a noun, verb and adjective.

    Noun: a bad, annoying or otherwise fucked up person or thing.
    Verb: to hinder, annoy or fuck up someone or something.
    Adjective: becomes Kurganesk, and means the accompaning noun to be a Kurgan.

    Can be combined with the word scourge to form scurgan, to mean both scourgey and Kurganesk.

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