• A large and bright constellation on the equator, between thestars Aldebaran and Sirius. It contains a remarkable nebula visibleto the naked eye.The flaming glories of Orion's belt. E. Everett.

  • Slang for attractive girl or guy.

    Orions are sometimes arrogant but very yummy. Orions have a dreamy look and are total prince charmings. Make you melt.

    1. Someone who seems to be attracted to living in the middle of nowhere.

    2. An addiction to photoediting.

    3. Act of hating the sun.

  • A green species on Star Trek and object of many fanboy erections due to the species' culture of selling their animalistic females as slaves. The later incarnation of Orions on Star Trek: Enterprise tried to make the species PC by claiming the males were slaves, and they failed miserably.

  • A nature lover that also loves cats. Cannot lie or pollute to save his life. Has a very good memory and is very OCD and ADHD. Is kind and honest and not very popular.

    1. A famous constelation, Orions Belt ect.

    2. The best rock Insturmental track ever created, by Metallica.

  • An instrumental by Metallica. The seventh song on their 1986 album, Master of Puppets.
    It was Cliff Burton's favorite song, next to Master of Puppets.
    This song pretty much shows that they can write some pretty sick riffs.

  • Space Pirate Ninja from the future. Well known badass, and conqueror. Very tough, hard to kill, and hardly ever gives up. Keeps a positive attitude, and doesn't let things bother him. Others are envious of his talents and abilities and hate him for it, but secretly wish that they were him. People either love or hate him, but those who don't don't know the real Orion yet. Orion is a good friend to have, but someone you don't want as an enemy. But he is very forgiving to his enemies.

  • A figure in greek mythology, a hunter of giants, and an avid [womanizer]. Also a [constellation].


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