• An unreal, delightful country such as in sometimes pictured indreams; region of fancies; fairyland.[He] builds a bridge from dreamland for his lay. Lowell.

  • A book written by [Sarah Dessen]. It is about a girl who in an abusive relationship along with other problems she needs to overcome.

  • A place you go when your high, where everyone is friendly, the food is great, Bob Marley is king, and is an all around perfect place that you want to be at.

  • A state of mind where you are unaware of your surroundings and totally engrossed in daydreams.

  • The place where all dreams come true and you are very much asleep.

    1. A fantastic illusion.
    2. Something unbelievably true.

    1. A term used in football (soccer) when one side scores a goal leaving the other side with almost impossible odds of mounting a comeback. Typically occurs in the second half.

    2. A book written by Sarah Dessen.


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