• Full of hubs or protuberances; as, a road that has been frozenwhile muddy is hubby. [U.S.]

  • Someone that you're dating that you think will become your future husband

  • meaning husband as the term wifey means wife.

  • Derived from the noun husband, it is used to indentify one's boyfriend (either signifying his potential as a husband, implying the presence of spousal attributes, or indicate ownage of one's boyfriend.)

  • Short for HUSBAND. NOT your boyfriend of the moment. The man you are married to and committed to for LIFE. Not the guy you're sleeping with for the month.

  • The Man In Your Life That Makes You Feel Safe,Secure And Special.

  • Like wifey, it's the guy you wanna be around forever

  • A sickeningly cute and sappy form of the word [husband].

    This is a word to be avoided at all costs, never to be spoken, and will hopefully someday disappear from human vocabulary.

    It's not cute, it's not endearing, and it's not sweet.

    Seriously, it sounds f'ing STUPID when you say it. It smacks of middle-aged domesticity, desperate girls, homebody-military wives, and [worthless] people.

    In addition, you sound EXTREMELY uneducated and [hick]-ish. Girls, do yourselves a huge favor - boycott this word.
    I swear, every time you even think about saying this word you're setting women's rights back twenty years.

  • A term for a husband. Used exclusively by women who have an underdeveloped sense of self and who have come, to some degree, to define themselves by whom they marry. These women look to their hubbies for happiness and constant reassurance. Without some hubby or other in their lives, these women would not know how to lead a meaningful life. They therefore tend to exaggerate the good qualities in their spouse, i.e. their hubbies are special to them only because they're so insecure about their lives.

  • A hubby is a man (not a boy) that you have come to love . He's someone that's always there for you when you need him. He treats you like a lady as well as acting like a gentleman himself. True enough, everyone's hubby will have his own characteristics but one thing that they all have in common is the fact that they make their girlfriend/wifey happy *

  • Hubby is a word short for husband, and was originally created to be used as a nickname for the man you are married to, but is also widely used to describe a good boyfriend that you believe you are likely to marry


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