• A call sounded on a bugle, announcing to skirmishers that theyare to retire, or fall back.

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  • Retire

    1. To quit working while financially fit. Retirees usually receive pension.

    2. To put out (baseball).

    3. To go to bed (outdated).

  • Retire

  • what men do what the die,

    and what women do when they get married,

  • Retire

  • the refreshing act of dissmissing a dumb ass guy who has proven himself a waste of your time. deleting his number,and completley kicking him out of your life in a matter of minuites.

  • Retire

  • To leave an established [Internet] [forum] (usually after getting annoyed with the influx of [n00bs]) and join a fledgling alternative forum to talk [bollocks] and moan about life, the universe and everything.


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