• Boiled; seethed; also, soaked; heavy with moisture; saturated;as, sodden beef; sodden bread; sodden fields.

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  • Sodden

  • adj

    Alcohol-soaked; drunken in an excessive, even profound, manner

    More appropriately refers to a situation than a person.

  • Sodden

  • Extremely wet.

    Saturated with water (or other liquid)

    Well moist.

  • Sodden

  • S.O.D.D.E.N - stands for the Society Of Differing Dimensioning Evil Nerds. They are a group of nerds watching a bzillion monitors in a different dimension where they can see every MSN convo. That's why it says 'never give out your password or credit card number in an instant message conversation' - SODDEN will be watching. To them, MSN convos are like a never-ending soap.


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