• One of a group of ruminant quadrupeds, intermediate between thedeer and the goat. The horns are usually annulated, or ringed. Thereare many species in Africa and Asia.The antelope and wolf both fierce and fell. Spenser.

  • Sexual position where the male mounts the female in a piggyback fashion and inserts himself into the out hole.

  • The opposite of Elope - to sneak off

  • A wild, uncontrolled beast that pushes foward with little concern to its surroundings.

    • An antelope refers to incredibly hot, peaking or pretty 15-18 year old girls.

    • Adjective used to describe attractive, peaking 15-18 year olds that is either girlfriend or one night stand material.

    • Only men aged under 18 have the right to use the term antelope or it is considered as pedofilia.

  • A pedestrian walking on dark streets at night often in dark clothing, with little regard to their surroundings. Antelope disregard traffic and safety guidelines. They tend to dart out in front of you out of nowhere, like deer. If you almost hit one they will become angered as if it's your fault they're practically invisible. Rather than gasping and saying Oh

  • When an ant climbs down a ladder to get into her boyfriend's car.

  • n. A vicious hunter of the plains. Travels in groups. Has a hatred of red roses.

  • Run or escape from any situation you don't want to be I'm at that moment.


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