• A graceful and swift South African antelope (Pelea capreola).The hair is woolly, and ash-gray on the back and sides. The horns areblack, long, slender, straight, nearly smooth, and very sharp. Calledalso rheeboc, and rehboc.

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  • Peele

    1. See [hipster].
    2. An orange peele.
    3. A critically acclaimed indie musician hailing from Cornelius, North Carolina. He enjoys hanging out with his friends. He once thought himself to be a hipster. He writes songs for all occasions, and they tell stories. He has a unique voice. He also eats butterflies and poops rainbows. He has a kangaroo farm in his backyard called the Kanga Rooh Club. He also enjoys swimming and playing in a marching band. The end.


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