• Abortive; failing to produce flowers or fruit; as, blind buds;blind flowers. Blind alley, an alley closed at one end; a cul-de-sac.-- Blind axle, an axle which turns but does not communicate motion.Knight.-- Blind beetle, one of the insects apt to fly against people, night.-- Blind cat (Zoöl.), a species of catfish (Gronias nigrolabris),nearly destitute of eyes, living in caverns in Pennsylvania.-- Blind coal, coal that burns without flame; anthracite coal.Simmonds.-- Blind door, Blind window, an imitation of a door or window,without an opening for passage or light. See Blank door or window,under Blank, a.-- Blind level (Mining), a level or drainage gallery which has avertical shaft at each end, and acts as an inverted siphon. Knight.-- Blind nettle (Bot.), dead nettle. See Dead nettle, under Dead.-- Blind shell (Gunnery), a shell containing no charge, or one thatdoes not explode.-- Blind side, the side which is most easily assailed; a weak orunguarded side; the side on which one is least able or disposed tosee danger. Swift.-- Blind snake (Zoöl.), a small, harmless, burrowing snake, of thefamily Typhlopidæ, with rudimentary eyes.-- Blind spot (Anat.), the point in the retina of the eye where theoptic nerve enters, and which is insensible to light.-- Blind tooling, in bookbinding and leather work, the indentedimpression of heated tools, without gilding; -- called also blanktooling, and blind blocking.-- Blind wall, a wall without an opening; a blank wall.

  • You'll never see it coming.

  • be in love

  • To get so intoxicated that you can hardly see. Usually chanted by lads between midday and 3 O'Clock on a match day!

  • to not be able to see

  • Absence of vision.

  • to be extremely drunk. A term used in Australia.

  • visually impaired or drunk

  • When you are unaware of what is going on around you. To be dull to your surroundings.

  • the ability not to see


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