• Fear of going out, opposite of FOMO. A light hearted jovial expression used in situations where a person is non committal to the evenings activities.

  • A lacrosse player who takes a face off (FO) and gets off (GO) the field.

  • When one has a fear of going out and wants to hang out at the home site.

  • Verb - To eat delicious food till one is about to throw up.

    From restaurant of the same name, Fogo de Chao.

  • One who participates, condones, allies to, or is otherwise attached to unethical videogame play. In early 2003 this word was devised and used as one of the harshes insults amoung the midwest gaming community, however in its most accurate origins applied only to the first game in the Halo series (Halo Combat Evolved). Later that same year the term extended to multiplayer RTSs (real time strategy) and eventually into all videogames, where the terminology is now accepted.

    Instances of being a fogo (or fogotry) include but are not limited to:
    Pistol Bitching
    Snipe whores
    Ghost whores

  • v. Fuck Off Get Off, to engage in mutual sexual pleasure as in [sexting]