• Rather than a psychologist or psychiatrist, a psychologer has no formal training but derives his or her theories and practises from New Age -principles; by using any source available to understand the human mind. The word combines the words astrologer and psychology, bringing it toward spiritual and intuitive knowledge over scientific approach to understanding the human mind. As he or she comes from the New Age background, they acknowledge the (possible) existence of the immortal soul that reincarnates. They are a psychologist of the soul rather than a psychologist of the mortal person. A psychologer is someone who works toward creating new theories and practises to help people solve their psychological problems; a step up from a life coach who uses every day knowledge and certain common New Age practises for the same thing. A psychologer has their own studies and theories, where as a life coach most likely does not; therefore, a rare individual.

    Earlier, the word was used for a psychologist, one of the early forms for a psychologist, and the term refers to the exact idea; early onset psychology; non-proven science, and ground breaking, officially non-approved practises in the field of psychology.