• More than what is needed. In [gross excess] of what is reasonably expected. An excess of something beyond what is required or [suitable] for a given purpose.

    Originally applied to [nuclear weaponry].

    1. (proper noun) Thrash metal pit fare born of New Jersey. The first thrash metal band in the history of metal, forming in 1980 and releasing classic thrash metal albums such as The Years of Decay, WFO and Horrorscope.

    2. (proper noun) A Motorhead album and its title track where the band of this name got it from.

    3. (noun) The act, or acts, of doing more than what is necessary to accomplish a task. Often associated with warfare.

  • a word that is defined WAY too many times. I personally like seeing a variety, but 148 SLUT definitions, talk about overkill ...common now!

  • Awesome thrash metal band hailing form New Jersey, easily recognized by vocalist Bobby Blitz Ellsworths buzzsaw-like vocals. Recently released their fourteenth album RELIXIV.

    1. Complete over-doing of something

    2. A very fast motorhead song from 1979, It has the most badass drum into of any song... ever. Incidently, the drum intro was said to be Overkill as per the first definition by Motorheads Bass Player / Singer Lemmy Kilmister.

  • A person in the game of Runescape who backstabbs other plays in order to gain more pixels.

  • Verb/ A term used in Final Fantasy X which means that you did a massive amount of to an enemy who had a smaller amount of life. In real life it can be used when someone kills a joke or tells a dead-on-arrival joke and tries to add to the joke to make it funny but ends up destroying it even more.

  • 1.Using something[cool] so much that it starts to get annoying.
    2.Making something much serious/making something take longer than what it should.

  • 1.The term used in Halo 3 when four kills are achieved with under 4 seconds between each kill; a multi-kill. In Halo 3 a medal is awarded and Overkill is read in a dramatic tone.

    1. Used when someone is caught the fourth time in a row doing something.

    2. Over the top; extreme.


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