• The science of household affairs, or of domestic

  • The allocation of scarce resources that have alternative uses.

  • The study of choice in the face of scarcity.

  • Economics is a social science, that is concerned with meeting unlimited demands with only scarce resources. Economics relies on the assumption that everyone wants more and more money, goods and services = we are all a bunch of greedy mo fos. Hence the concept is accurate, and will continue to be taught in colleges everwhere for years to come. Noteable masters include the venerable Daddy G, of Peterborough fame.

  • a science created by a group of middle-aged, bearded men called [economists] to ensure that anything they say can never be proven wrong

  • The way you find out how fucked up a country is!
    And how the government is stealing from its citizens!!!


  • -A social science discipline with a contemporaneous logical framework thats based completely on the assumption that scarcity is a problem intrinsic to society. The effect of which justifies greed as a virtue.

    -An institutional requirement for dime-a-dozen business majors, usu. taught by middle-aged, overly opinionated, white males in need of serious cultural experiences.

    -Taught by sports coaches in high school as the study of common sense.

  • A class taught to most high school students about how a society manages its scarce resources. It is comprised of a handful of mildly persuasive concepts pumped full of jargon and needlessly represented by graphs to deter intelligent people from realizing that this is not a real science.


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