• A word used by White Supremacists to solicit sex. Because they believe people whom they call [cucks] would want to fuck them. White Supremacists have no preference whether to be fucked by a flesh penis or a plus-sized strap-on, but black leather is mandatory.

    The term was popularized during the 2016 Republican primary, when the repressed hormones of many White Supremacists spilled over and started lusting after Jeb Bush in public. Their cries of [cucks] were filled with their desire to feel the girth of Jebs old wrinkly shriveled up cock deeply lodged inside them. Like Jeb, conservatives were often viewed by White Supremacists as the primary objects of their sexual release, hence the name [cuckservatives]. White Supremacist forums were often dominated by coded discussions of the different positions they want the so-called [cuckservatives] to screw them in.

    [Cuck] itself is an onomatopoeia derived from the moaning sound white supremacists make while fantasizing about getting fucked. It is NOT, as some trolls suggests, derived from cuckold - a fantastical troll logic only horny White Supremacists would believe in.

    Until White Supremacists find better ways to get people to fuck them, the word [cuck] serve as an important cultural clue to help us better understand the unwavering depth of their erotic desires. It is also recommended to report them for sexual harassment should they call you such a thing.

  • A racial slur for a White person that is not loyal to White Supremacy.

  • A term used so often by the alt-right (those characterized by being scrawny white boys who frequent Reddit, masturbate to The Donald, dont talk to women and are triggered by the word feminism) that it really doesnt have any meaning to anyone else anymore.

  • Someone who wins an argument against a conservative

  • Full-grown man.

  • When a guy has a fetish for watching his wife/girlfriend get fucked by other guys

  • someone who is willing to allow that which is of utmost importance to him or her to be violated and defiled by others in the name of social justice.

    Those who are willing to allow Western Civilization to be destroyed simply to appease non-Westerners who feel offended by Western values.

  • 1: A man or woman who watches someone they love get taken by another person or another person flirt with the one they love.

    2:Someone who watches their wife/husband get fucked by another person.

    3:Someone who has leftist views politically speaking.

  • Cuck is a man whos a little bitch. Contrary to the beliefs of the liberal leaning crowd trying to explain something popularized by the conservatives, cuck is used by many races for someone who is spineless and IS derived from cuckold.

  • A man who is desperate for acceptance, approval, and affection from women. This desperation has led to the compromise of his beliefs and values, the desecration of his dignity and self-worth, and his inability to stand up for himself and what he deserves as a human being, eg. loyalty, fidelity, and honesty in a romantic relationship.

  • A man who lets his wife or girlfriend have sex with other men. Often the man lets her do whatever she wants and treat him like shit.
    (Short version of cuckold)

  • Short for cuckold

    A person (usually a man) who lets others (usually women) [metaphor]ically walk all over them in the name of being a better person, or as a fetish.

  • Noun

    An originally only slightly funny slang term that is now used predominantly by radical American conservative airheads in attempts to gain what they perceive to be internet, or sometimes even real life, prestige, usually by discrediting the person to whom it is directed by implying theyre weak. Derived from Cuckold.

  • To pleasure and enjoy yourself while watching your girlfriend is getting fucked by other men.

  • a person who is acting like an idiot while using their opinions as fact.

  • Noun: Unhappy Third. Individual in a triad. Person (A) who is ostensibly related to another person (B) who is engaging with another (C) in an intimate, sexual or profitable manner. Particularly applicable to circumstance in which (C) occupies the role more frequently occupied by (A). Can also apply to animal kingdom, where it was observed in reproductive mating patterns of cuckoo bird. Variously refers to value judgments ranging from approval and enjoyment by (A) to use as a term of derision.

    Since roughly 2015 began being seen as a derisive term by which farther-right users distinguished themselves from more centrist conservatives, hence also cuckservative. When used in this manner or more generally as a derogatory, implies a racist and heterocentric viewpoint, suggestive that moderate politics are equivalent to enjoyment of inter-racial wife-swapping.

    Verb: To conduct activities which make of (A) a cuck.


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