• Any one of numerous species of the genus Pica and relatedgenera, allied to the jays, but having a long graduated tail.

  • Someone who hangs at the train station or bus stop or anywhere public all day long, usually asking for a cigarette, spare change or pocket lint. Usually unemployed and unemployable, using nothing but slang, and usually impossible to get rid of, until threatened with violence.

    Called magpies because if they have gotten it once, they'll expect it again, and again, regardless of who it is.

  • Slang for a member of the Newcastle United Football Club (NUFC). This is due to the fact that their strip is black and white.

  • poxy bird [magpie], that squalks outside ya bedroom window at ungodly hours til you wake with a bad head, then shuts the fukk up, leaving you in a stinking mood all day.

  • a person who takes your problem, issue , or situation, and owns it as theirs.

    This person turns it to somehow affecting them, and will broadcast it as widely as required in order to get the desired level of sympathy. A magpie will even sacrifice friendships to maintain her/his position.

  • Given the opportunity the Magpie will always steal the shinny goodness. It is from this notion that the term Magpie is derived. The steeling of the golden moment through covert photography. The subject - Always an an unsuspecting young lady.

  • a very hairy girl who likes it in her butt so much she keeps coming back for more

    1. One who never shuts up, and snitches on others.

  • Somebody who talks like a bird and doesn't shut up! They tend to talk fast and loud!!! They also are hard to understand, due to the fact that the sound that comes from their voicebox is more or less like a Raven!!

  • A sexual act in which a man creates a [creampie] inside of another mans rectum, then slurps the [creampie] out and [snowball]/[babybird]/spits it into the receiving man's mouth.

  • When a chick won't shut up during sex, you spread her arms on the bed so she can't move and you shove your dick down her throat until she stops talking.