• A small British lake whitefish (Coregonus clupeoides, or C.ferus); -- called also gwyniad and lake herring.

  • Moneyless, Broke, Lame, Weak

    1. Conditon in which you fall below the needed amount of resources needed to live.

    2. Financial guidelines used by some countries to establish a line, in which you fall below it you are considered poor.

  • Offical Poverty line for a family of 4 in the US is 18,000. this of course is based on governments idea of what ppl use money for.. Where at least 28,000 is needed to support a family of 4.

    according to the government standards, about 36 Million americans are in Poverty. But the number is actually around 50 Million based on real standards

  • When your family dosen't have any money and lives a horrible existence. It's really not anything to joke about.

    Poverty is when your family is lazy and live in section 8 housing units and get state government checks just to get by.

    Poverty is when you get made fun of for not wearing anything clean or nice to school and being known as one of poorest

  • Living without or struggling to pay for basic essentials required to live, ie; food, clothes, water, housing or health care.

    Many percieve that poverty only exists in third world countries, but the reality is, you will find poverty in almost every country in the world, even in developed countries like the USA, Britain, Canada, Australia ect.

    1. A condition that an individual exists in if he or she lacks the proper resources to sustain the minimum standard of what is considered a healthy existence. Income is often used as an indicator for poverty, though poverty can also refer to a lack of fundamental services, such as sanitation or healthcare, in the location that the individual resides.

    2. Any kind of lacking of the necessary components or qualities

  • Something what doesn't exist in [communism].

  • Unfortunate or unpleasing; bad; not [money]. Can be used to show disapproval.

  • Poverty is when you can't afford an internet connection, bro.

  • another word of 'gangster'. referring to something being cheap or done halfass. Something that reminds you of a something would be see in the hood.


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