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Define Dictionary Meaning is written by you!

We believe in simple, easy-to-understand definitions with lots of tools to help you choose your words precisely. DefineDictionaryMeaning is more than a dictionary. It's a comprehensive reference site with synonyms, sentence examples, quotes, biographies, and an amazing collection of grammar-related articles and education resources for students, teachers, parents and homeschoolers. As we say it is your dream dictionary!

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No Sign Up or Registration needed to read definitions online or define words online.. We know your time is valuable. It's simple & crafted with love. Reading and writing words, topics, questions and definitions is all in one click. You dont need any account to use our free online dictionary. There might be so many free dictionary sites, but none like this!.

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Our social dictionary allows you to interact, chat, send messages, to all the other users on our platform which all share 1 goal. Sharing and learning new knowledge in simple and easy words. You can also define or ask questions from other users and within minutes you should be able to get a response :)

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We live by the philosophy that the best things in this world are and should be free. You cannot buy friendship, family or love. People can always make you feel so much more; love, joy, bliss, laughter, self worth, confidence and even sadness can be a good thing to put everything into perspective. Our free online dictionary is 100% free for everyone forever!

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No matter how many times you visit our online dictionary website, you will always find new and interesting definitions and words. The sky is the limit. Human creativity at its extreme! This is why we have 1000s of users which keep coming back and back and read and write funny definitions. Our aim is to give you an exciting and fresh user experience.

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