• A merp used as an exclaimation of annoyance, exasperation, rage or other negative factor or to expel anger, disgust, disappointment etc

    Harrumph is said as a word as apposed to it being a noise that is made.

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  • The phrase by which you give your endorsement or aggreement. Usually takes place in a meeting or group setting where members need to verbally agree to move onto the next topic of discussion.

  • Harrumph

  • Harrumph is important when being a funny cunt.

    Derived from the movie Blazing Saddles. Harrumph (you tube it)

    Ten pin bowling is making a come back!

    When you get a strike, Harrumph Harrumph Harrumph.

  • Harrumph

  • When you know you are the shit...top of your game...and you want to rub it in every jumpoffs face...turn around as they follow your lead to pleasure town...and harrumph biscuits...keep up...and maybe you will lead one day.


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