• Boyo is supposed to be a Welsh saying for a friend or mate, but ive never heard anyone in Wales say it!!!

    The only people i hear saying it are Enlgish people trying to take the piss!

    Ususally putting on a really bad accent, that sounds more Indian in origin than Welsh!

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  • An old Irish term meaning good friend or Brother.

  • Boyo

  • another word for a male friend; a [bastardization] of boy.

  • Boyo

  • The term boyo is a part of Wenglish (Welsh-English) that has simply grown from a Welsh take on the English word boy. Although perhaps not widely used today, it is used to address someone, not necessarily young, frequently with negative connotations.

  • Boyo

  • Its a slang Cork pronoun. Cork is a place in Ireland where they all talk incomprehensibly, and anyone from the rest of the country just nods, smiles and backs away.

  • Boyo

  • A slang word word used by Mr. Krabs in the animated show, Spongebob Squarepants, to reference the title character Spongebob or his pink mate Patrick.

  • Boyo

  • Boyo is a word used to describe your mates, similar to pals or fellas.

    It is often used to take the piss and when the end of the word is more exaggerated eg boYO it can show a sense of dominance from the person speaking the word.

    Boyo has evolved into a cult following in South Africa as it can be seen as a satirical word, mocking the lives of rich young white South Africans who feel entitled.

    This word is legendary and will always be a part of Urban slang.


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