1. (v) Its like [T bagging] in the snow.

    2. (v) Frozen [sploshing].

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  • Slalom

  • A subtle way to remove pubes from ones cheeks and mouth post-cunnilingus, by moving back up to a kissing position by alternating left and right wipes along a womans thighs, abdomen and breasts.

  • Slalom

  • Two men lay down on a bed and a woman grabs each of their erect poles and works them like shes about to earn a gold medal at the next winter games alpine event. (A double hand job.)

  • Slalom

  • A sexual position where the male partner is lying flat on the ground, penis erect, and the female is riding the throbbing sausage like a skier, by means of squatting up and down with dildos in each hand.


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