1. a village in central connecticut.
    2. home of the top unorganized communist youth movement in CT.
    3. is bdass, it is some hardcore shit man, fuck yeah, you nigg3r.
    4. is populated by old polish people, Aquaman, the Great Mustache, Comandante Bovie, President Tac, King Olias I, and the Intergalactic Prime Minister
    5. proudly supports brand name alcohols such as Schaefer beer, Dubra, Majorska, and anything cheap.
    6. is vastly incongruent with the accepted political, social, spiritual, amd moral norms and mainstreams in america.
    7. Proudly supports fine tobacco brands such as Pall Mall, USA Gold, Sonoma, Maverick, Camel (with an emphasis in the Turkish Blend series).
    8. [Ron Paul]
    9. believes that nazis were made for swimming in apples.

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