• The term used to describe how much value (i.e. bang for your buck) you will get out of a [VIP Dance] (i.e. private dance) from a stripper in a [nudie bar].

    A typical low mileage dance is completely hands-off. (i.e. no touching.)

    A dance with fair mileage may include groping of the dancers ass and breasts.

    A dance where youre getting great mileage will include titty sucking, kissing, petting and digital vaginal penetration.

    In some very rare cases, a dance including a hand-job, fellatio or full-on sex would be considered exceptional mileage. This, of course, could also be considered prostitution.

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  • Mileage

  • somewhere very, very far away

  • Mileage

  • a long distance that needs to be traveled

  • Mileage

  • Time
    Dublin slang


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