• A whiny prepish person whom gripes and complains about not getting banker hours at work. One typically finds these individuals slothing about, attempting to grab the spotlight whenever possible

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  • Coiner

  • In a free-to-play videogame, a Coiner is someone who pays real money in order to get an advantage over free players. The term possibly originated in Exteel, where the real money equivalent was termed NCcoin.
    The term is seldom used to describe people who pay for things which dont give a gameplay advantage over free players, such as cosmetic modifications.

  • Coiner

    1. A person who creates coinage, as in making the physical currency;

    2. A person who coins or mints new words that catch on and enjoy general usage. NOTE: Just as with money (the origin of the metaphor) there are legitimate coiners whose product has value...and there are counterfeiters who produce cheap, fake, debased words that devalue the language.


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