• A being that resembles a human.
    A robot that was designed to mimic the behavio of and/or look like a human being.

    See [android].

    * These videos are coming directly from Youtube, they may or may not be most relevant to the word "Humanoid"

  • Humanoid

  • An imbecile. Or idiot for lack of a better word. Used by someone who is not of low mental capacity or reasoning, someone clever.

    Invariably used to describe masses of idiotic people at any one time, in a sort of sheep in the flock.

    NB: They are the ones who climbed out of the primordial slime after all us intelligent people who contribute to the world

  • Humanoid

  • A 1337 person that could pwn your ass on the internet and real life. Usually can be found on and
    Usually lives in a den.

  • Humanoid

  • n. - A human that is very annoyed because they didnt get away with pretending they were humanoid.


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