• Modular

    Of or pertaining to mode, modulation, module, or modius; as,modular arrangement; modular accent; modular measure.

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  • Modular

    The new format of most degrees and educational qualifications. Formerly, such qualifications would be assessed by a single or multiple examination(s) at the end of the work. Under the modular format, exams are taken at the end of each learning stage. A criticism is it puts too much pressure on teachers to constantly mark.

  • Modular

    Said of a computer program which has, for economical and practical reasons, been divided in separate individual modules.

    A modular program (or application) must satisfy BOTH these rules:

    1. A module must have two or more features

    2. Given any two features, there can't be a module that includes them both

  • Modular

    talented electronic musician with good looks and talent to boot.

  • Modular

    Modular Mod-U-Lar
    A engine or Motor constructed out of a inferior design

    A term used to discribe a motor or car that is on the verge of expiration

    A term used to describe the actual event of a motor imploding or exploding because it was built poorly


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