• Rate of motion; the relation of motion to time, measured by thenumber of units of space passed over by a moving body or point in aunit of time, usually the number of feet passed over in a second. Seethe Note under Speed. Angular velocity. See under Angular.-- Initial velocity, the velocity of a moving body at starting;especially, the velocity of a projectile as it leaves the mouth of afirearm from which it is discharged.-- Relative velocity, the velocity with which a body approaches orrecedes from another body, whether both are moving or only one.-- Uniform velocity, velocity in which the same number of units ofspace are described in each successive unit of time.-- Variable velocity, velocity in which the space described variesfrom instant, either increasing or decreasing; -- in the former casecalled accelerated velocity, in the latter, retarded velocity; theacceleration or retardation itself being also either uniform orvariable.-- Virtual velocity. See under Virtual.

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  • Velocity

  • Defined as the change in position of an object (displacement) per unit of time. Velocity, unlike speed, takes into account the direction of travel relative to a base point.

    v = s/t (where v and s are vectors)

    Where (using SI units):
    v is the velocity of the body in metres per second (ms^-1)
    s is the displacement of the body in metres (m)
    t is the time taken to travel from the initial point to the final point in seconds (s)

  • Velocity

  • Change in position over change in time. A measure of how fast something is moving. Measured in m/s, ft/s, mph or km/h.

  • Velocity

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