• Tending to interrupt or destroy social intercourse; averse tosociety, or hostile to its existence; as, antisocial principles.

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  • A term used to describe people exibiting any sort of behavior in which the intent is to violate the rights of others and otherwise going against society. Examples include murder, bullying, robbery, conning, and rape.

    Often confused with [asocial] which is used to describe people who are shy, introverted, or otherwise avoid socializing or social situations.

  • Antisocial

  • A word commonly confused with asocial.

    Asocial means simply not being social (it does not imply hatred or negativity, only absence), while antisocial insinuates an active hostility or contempt for society as a whole.

  • Antisocial

  • Often confused with [asocial], which is very different; asocial means one who seeks to avoid society, somebody who refuses to or cannot socialize with others, like someone on the [autism] spectrum.

    Antisocial means against


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